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four things

1. Finished Atonement. Finally, a book worthy of the obsequious dust-cover praise. I think it may be the best book the book club has read yet. But I may be caught up in emotions. Hopefully I don't forget all the thigns I want to say about it by the time book club rolls around.

2. Disappointed that I missed out on going to Purgatorio due to insomnia. Once again, having to sleep obliterates social engagements.

3. Wondering how to measure success again. Dismissing the question with procrastination.

4. Current pet peeve: Dress code. First they tell us we must wear collared shirts, then they tell us not to wear anything with logos on it (i.e. vendorwear, etc.). All my polo shirts that I despise, yet have kept so I could match the dress code when necessary, have logos. I figured it was an effective way to negate the dress code in my mind; I have gained most of these polo shirts from free vendor giveaways, therefore essentially the company has paid for my uniform, in a way. But now they are taking away even that small satisfaction? I have flouted the dress code all along, mind you, but I still get offended when they make another ineffectual pronouncement about another completely arbitrary rule. Particularly since I sacrifice myself to the overnights, although logically I already get compensated for that and should not demand compensation in the form of being excused from the dress code. It's all so petty, but it rankles.
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