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i can't believe it's been at least 3 years since i had been to blacksburg. that's where i went this weekend, with the half-excuse of the NRV's toreador ball, but with trepidation about actually participating, and more of an interest in just seeing the place. one thing that struck me on arriving in town - other than the bizarro smart road thingy - is that i cannot clearly remember the last time i was there. it must have been in 1999, that's all i can pinpoint, and then i must have avoided the place ever since because i felt it was too full of my ex boyfriend. (who, by the way, i didn't see at all while i was there, which i pleasantly don't care about.) as we got past the new road wackiness, and things became utterly familiar, i began to feel the onlaught of nostalgia... as tzel can attest, i nearly started crying in the grocery store. there's a memory attached to nearly every square mile of the place.

that was just the beginning; i mean, i was heading into a camarilla larp, something i haven't done since late '99 or early '00, i can't quite remember which. it was immensely pleasurable to see and talk to old friends. at the risk of being melodramatic, it made me realize alot of things about myself. i felt detached from the actual club goings-on, and i'm quite sure i could never really put my brain to LARPing again, but maybe i do still have some friends from that period of my life. i was reminded of many of the good things about '96-'99, and even before. korangar reminded me about "part-time". mountainwitch reminded me about the good roleplay i had back in the day. of course, there were lots of holes, lots of absent friends and characters (by which i mean, not vampire characters, but people who were so colorful that they are now characters in a past drama).

it was a very relaxing weekend. it built me up for technicon. it made me appreciate where/who i am right now. it made me want to visit blacksburg more often. i could never recreate certain things, and i wouldn't want to, but i really want to make an effort not to forget them. man, i never thought i'd see pat shelor again in my life, and there he was! i can't get over that for some reason. the drive was even relaxing, although i think tzel wasn't feeling so hot on the way home. i miss the mountains. although, i know now i'm a city girl, and i don't think i could go backwards in that regard. but damn it's cheap to live out there. ugh, it's hard to verbalize all the things i miss about the place!

i'm really glad to have had this positive re-embrace of the burg, as i had grown to hate it and va tech as a symbol of a time when i screwed up alot and had really bad youthful drama-filled experiences. to everyone who spent time with me this weekend, thank you... it was great!!!

re-reading this post, it doesn't speak enough to the people who made my weekend so nice. yes, i was interested in seeing the place, but that was only half of it... it's also about the people.
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