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a turnaround from yesterday

yay! i'm having a good day. maybe it's the sunlight. today's mom quote of the day, in the course of discussing hairstyles:

"you don't want it to look all dykey, right? ...
... or do you."

hearing my mother utter the word "dykey" will never grow old. at any rate, i did get my hair cut, and although i really enjoyed the experience because Autumn over at Bubbles in Arundel Mills is a really nice lady with alot of interesting things to say, she had a picture and she STILL wouldn't cut it as short as i wanted. i will give her another chance because she's so cool and she clearly has alot of stories to tell, having apparently lived in four different countries. the mall on a friday morning at 10am right after a snowstorm is an interesting place. i got two other things done while i was there: i got an exciting new down comforter, on SALE! woo! and i had lunch with traceracer who very kindly put up with me blather, blather, blathering at her during what was meant to be HER birthday brunch.

on a more serious note, i'd like to direct people to a post that zorah made which moved me greatly. "In American society, the woman's experience makes her the alien, the other." i have got to stop being afraid to express myself on this, and i must educate myself on it.
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