keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

stupid dream number 9845

todays exciting dream event went like this:

i was attending a reunion of a bunch of people from high school. they were all kinds of people, the popular ones and the ones that were actually my friends more or less. they were all being very friendly and asking how i was, which i thought was strange, but nonetheless there we were mingling in the front yard (on the front deck? the driveway? i can't remember very well) of a house that seemed to be in the neighborhood where my parents lived, or near it. then we heard an explosion, and the ground shook, and we saw on the horizon (to the southwest) a large cloud of purple and chartreuse. i quickly announced to everyone that i had heard about this phenomenon, and that you'd be OK if you were able to inhale both some of the purple stuff and some of the chartreuse stuff. the idea was that the purple stuff was poisonous, but the chartreuse stuff was the antidote. i then went about trying to inhale a little of both gases, and started noticing that the little bubbles of goo were forming into strange animal shapes. then i woke up.
Tags: dream
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