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where did the day go?

it seemed like i did nothing but work and sleep today. the truth is not that; i worked, went to breakfast with jenna, went to the MVA and registered my car, read Marvels and some Chabon, and then went to sleep. my apartment is a disgusting mess. this will have to be remedied by monday, when book club will descend. that reminds me, let me write a reminder email about that.


i forgot my microcassette recorder again. i need to record myself a note to remind myself to remember... oh, never mind. you know what though? I OWN A CAR FOR REAL AND OFFICIAL FOR THE FIRST TIME. yeah, i'm 26, it was about damn time. stupid adulthood.

i think one of the keys to maintaining a healthy attitude about your relationship is to try to imagine, realistically, the way your partner sees you.
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