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i was sick

yeah, i had the stomach flu. made for an extremely uneventful weekend filled with pain and feeling bad and sleep. there were brief respites from that but mostly i just felt like crap. right now i just feel a little lightheaded and i'm concerned about my div. i need to go drink more water. i'm extremely irritable right now and i can't tell what exactly is causing it, but i'm angry that i accomplished so little this weekend, angry that my room is unclean, angry about work and even angry about most of what people say to me. i think that inertia, once you spend X number of hours in bed not talking to anyone, makes you want to remain there.

that said, i think i just pinpointed why i have my P.G. county pride while talking to todd:

SnideGrrl (1:18:05 AM): anyways, i think the attitude of "move somewhere where things are better because i can afford to instead of staying put and fixing things where i am" is one that contributes to things like the PG school system being shittier than all the other school systems.

if i ever do buy a house, i hope i buy one in P.G. and i hope i get involved in the community. warning: any comments from the peanut gallery will be met with scorn, because that's all i've got holding me up right now. and then when i'm out of scorn, i'll fall over, and won't you feel bad that you caused that. oh wait, no you won't, because i will just have been a caustic bitch.

Addendum: One good thing that I did see on TV was Burden of Dreams, a documentary about the making of Werner Herzog's film Fitzcarraldo. It was fascinating and I believe necrocannibal should watch for it, specifically Herzog's speech towards the end about the jungle. I couldn't watch it without thinking of Hearts of Darkness though.
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