keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

fricking again with the bullets

  • friday evening: tzel and chocolat. great movie. depp magnetic. primitive nervous system nearly failed. cheered up greatly.

  • friday night: me and bizarrojack visit dharshai at the end of the evening. discussion of jack's workplace ensues. shawn tells me i can talk to him about poop anytime. won't he be thrilled when i call him.

  • saturday morning: i have a dream in which i am involved in a witch/vampire hunting group which meets in a building that looks vaguely like my old kindergarten but is surrounded by bristling metropolis. msteleute is with me and we attend the meeting, and a woman who seems a fake makes alot of prejudicial accusations. the tall waiter from the silver diner (derrick?) is there and intelligently refutes her and kicks her out. msteleute and i run down to her echo to stage an emergency witch hunt because somehow the witch alarm went off, as if it were a fire alarm and we are the firemen.

  • saturday: lazy day. i can't sleep but we stay in bed all day until we realize it may be social time and are contacted by necrocannibal. we go get peril from chris' house.

  • saturday evening: lost highway and the hunger. i don't like lost highway. i will never purchase a glass-topped table. watching sex scenes with anyone else around makes me edgy. nervous humor definately my best defense.

  • saturday night: spent at jack's. he works on peril while i groove to my headphones (new ted leo cd, badly drawn boy, bach cantata BWV 131) and make my astrological chart. realize my astrology book is sexist and outdated and want to throw it across the room. other than that, bliss.

  • sunday evening: super bowl. i don my MARTIN GRAMATICA #7 jersey and we head out. game not too exciting. more exciting was the porno magazine on display in the beer store prominently figuring the words "classy cooze". there's an oxymoron if i have ever heard one. i was really unthrilled at how unhidden the magazines were. as sex-positive of a feminist as i am, i really hate seeing that shit.

  • sunday night: see previous entry.

Tags: dream, movies
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