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numbered post again, dammit.

i hate making these posts where i put down disorganized little numbered items that spark the longer explanation only in my head without fleshing it out. but i feel that getting it down in short snippets is better than not getting it down at all.

  • i have come to realize that i can only trust people with at least a 5 percent geekery quotient, no matter what that geekery is.

  • i realized that if i don't want to watch a movie because i find the subject matter extremely discomforting or repellant, i can read the screenplay online nine times out of ten and it's easier and then i feel that i have some knowledge of the subject matter. last night i read 2001: A Space Odyssey. not that that is repellant to me, but it made me realize that i could.

  • from my conversation with C at breakfast yesterday morning:
    me :"doh... i just took a swim in the bitterness pool, i better dry that off."
    chris: "are you going to rinse off from the bitterness pool in the shower of cynicism?"
    me: "...well, yeah."
  • i was reading the burning man web page, and it occurred to me that i don't think i know anyone who would want to go. it sounds totally exciting to me. i don't suppose anyone knows someone or is someone who has ben before.

  • i got to have breakfast with three handsome men this morning, none of whom have livejournals so i have to refer to them by name. (dave, lou, and todd)

  • heard from five different people this week who really cheered me up, probably without knowing it. (AA, NH, JC, jack's mom, katie's mom)
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