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catfight, catfight, on my bed!

today i didn't sleep much. because every time i went to sleep, the cats started fighting. which i can normally ignore. except today all the hissing and scratching was apparently necessary to do ON MY BED. in which i was sleeping. or, well, trying to sleep anyways. i need to figure out a reliable way to lure them out of my room so i can lock them out because man, this is not an OK turn of events. why can't we all just get along? and sleep?

in the few hours of sleep i did snatch, i dreamed of a neo-victorian world where we had built overtop of the existing civilization, and to use the subways (which were rickety and dirty and awful) you had to know the secret entrances and some of them were extremely scary... there was one that was a stairwell that was about two feet high that you had to kind of slither through... and once you got onto the platform you had to sometimes run across the bare tracks to hop on the train you wanted to take. the underground malls were particularly scary, which was where i was trying to escape from something. come to think of it, things were very sepia toned. i can probably blame the patricia cornwell book for this dream.

for dinner i went over to tirani's where i was well fed and we gossiped.
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