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Food Post

This is a listing of the things I've been eating lately so that I can mull it over and decide whether it's healthy or not; it's pretty much almost exclusively what I have been eating.

cold celery and carrots
strawberry jelly on wheat bread
cereal - frosted mini wheats, corn bran, chex
lowfat coldcuts on wheat bread
scrambled eggs
whole wheat spaghetti (w/ sauce)
michelina's frozen pasta alfredo dinners (i tried the ones with broccoli but UGH FOUL)
chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
apples, pears, bananas
baked potatoes w/butter
yogurt (dannon, peach, FOB)
english muffins (regular, not whole wheat)
the occasional coke
the occasional frozen pizza
the occasional sizable bowl of Edy's
the occasional dinner out @ indian/thai/kabob (ends up being meat & rice/pasta exclusively)
the occasional dinner out @ a mexican place: fajitas with a careful amount of tomatoes/onions

OK, so the question is: can I live on that? Do I need to cut out the "occasionals"? How much meat is OK? How much CHEESE IS OK? This is crucial because man... I have got to have some CHEESE DIP and I have got to have it SOON. :( Or I will cry. I think I have been keeping the dinners out confined to about 1-2 times a week. I'd say that's down from 3-6 times a week. I can't tell if it's saving me money because I haven't made myself a budget. It feels like I'm saving money. I can't tell if I need to add to the above repetoire to get what I need to live, and I can't tell if I need to take away. I guess to do that I'd have to count calories or something. Bleah. If I can FIND some edamame, I will add that... Want to add salads (vinaigrette, caesar) but fearing the lettuce, rumored to exacerbate my troubles.
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