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stupid, stupid, stupid

I swapped tonight for saturday night again in regards to work so that I wouldn't have to leave the house when it was snowing. I already regret it. Less chance to get to spend time with Jack and a weekend night spent alone because everyone else is asleep. I should have braved it. Oh well, crying, milk, spilled, etc.

I am trying to download the entire contents of I'm Your Man.

I need to figure out how to deal with my Big Bag o' Dry Cleaning that the cat peed on. I shouldn't fork out what will probably be over a hundred dollars to get it all clean but at the same time it's nice stuff, some of it, so I can't just toss it in the washer with some vinegar to get the smell out. Anyone have any homespun wisdom on how to tackle this?

I can't stop eating Lindt Lindor Truffles. I am becoming a chocoholic. At least tonight is relaxing and I'm reading and burning scented candles and being mellow. And eating truffles. Also, whole wheat pasta is actually quite good.
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