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Got to see mom and dad all weekend. Well, not all weekend, unfortunately, because my sleep schedule was so messed up! I felt bad, as if they came to visit and I couldn't really entertain them. I did get to go down to old town Alexandria with them and shop and wander around, although it was bitingly cold. We ate at Cate's Bistro, which, let me tell you, WINS. I went there once maybe 3 years ago, and then for some stupid reason never went back, because the food is excellent! They make this creme brulee that makes you want to swear off anything but that. I'm not sure how to even express how good this creme brulee is. We discovered that alot of the little shops in old town have closed up, and the whole place seems a little more desolate. I did find a bizarre soapstone statuette of a hand holding a small monkey. Steph thought it was a little creepy, but I'm sure it will only bring me good luck. I have to admit, however, that I did feel a strange compulsion to buy it when I saw it.

The guard downstairs just creepily hit in me. I am less than pleased. I explained further on d-land. I was walking back from 7-11. Note: Utz Cheese Curls and Hostess Donettes do not a meal make. Sigh. I just didn't want to drive anywhere!

So, the MVA threw me for a loop this week, launching me into a mad scramble that made me and everyone around me pretty miserable. They needed a lien release from Tess so I could register her car. Yes, I should have done all this a long time ago. Trust me, I have chastised myself enough for all of you who might consider it. Anyways, I didn't know what a lien release was. I'm not glad I do now. It was a bad morning. The car did get inspected, though, and brake pads and rotors replaced, so I won't have to hear that unnerving noise.

The up side of life: I got a cheapass chair from the Terp Trader, UMD's liquidation warehouse. There were some other interesting things there, but I'd have needed a truck to get them, so forget it. I also got a trunk to use as a coffee table. Now if I can get the christmas junk out of my living room, I will be set. The apartment is coming together! Also my credit counselor appointment is on Thursday. There are alot of good things going on. I may finally be getting myself together. I'm also making a halfhearted attempt to stop biting my nails. Oh god, and I also went to Second Story books, and found 39825729 more interior design books from the 70s.

This entry is almost normal. There is no melodrama. Sweet! I'll add some useless crapen:

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