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I just don't understand.

What do you do when someone you met through livejournal, developed a rapport with, and really liked, suddenly leaves a weird message and then a week later deletes their journal? I mean, this is upsetting me. I only have an email address from when we shared some private emails and that's not working. I don't understand. I guess if the person wanted to contact me back they would, unless all their accounts had been hacked or something, but even then my email address is right there. *sigh* I thought I was being unreasonable being upset about the people who dropped me off their friends list with no explanation but this is worse. Yes, I care about LJ that much, it's really important to me. Is there anything wrong with that? (Addendum: I consider myself a pretty good judge of character and I don't think I choose to befriend people who are floofy and delete their journal willy-nilly. Hence my taking it so seriously.) (Addendum again: I don't mean to imply that I only befriend people who are of a certain level of non-floofyness. I just didn't word that very well I'm just saying this doesn't seem like an "oh well" kind of situation. ARGH.)

Other than that I just had an outage at work that I handled and made a bunch of decisions about and fixed and I am all proud of myself and crap. If I continue feeling this ill I guess I won't go to the burg on friday. Not to mention no one seems to be able to tell me if there's actually a WSC show at the Solar Haus or not. So fuck it, dude.

Also, on the poll I posted, I was hoping it would prompt some hypnosis stories. Does anyone have hypnosis stories they want to share? Maybe I should have been more wordy about it.
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