keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

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ebay nonsense

I don't understand... why did this have to come up after Christmas????? I so want one. *cry*

Colon still painful. Slept thanks to Codeine. Day two of packing a lunch for work successful. The car had no coolant in it yesterday so Jack brought some by. He is kind and I am lethargic. Taking tzel to the airport today. Eating a Toblerone. Thinking about volunteering to work saturday so I don't have to come in tonight. Little things are making me happy right now. No progress on car stereo or sewing project. Lame. Thinking I might finally get around to consolidating student loans. Benefiber doesn't taste like anything thank god. Menstrual as hell. Signing off now before I become even more candid.
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