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Today had accomplishments:

- made a doctor's appointment for ASAP (8:30 this morning)

- grocery shopped at the Weis. why did i ever go anywhere else??? i almost cried twice; once when they had my EXACT favorite microwave dinners i thought i could only get in arlington; once when they had my cereal.

- went through all my food and chucked everything dead/useless. made pico de gallo for high-fiber fajitas tomorrow. marinated steak in beer per tzel's recommendation. took out trash.

- got useful stuff at target: cat bed (he's been sleeping on the floor in the closet for no apparent reason), five dollar clearance sweater to match my knee socks, and a suction cup hook for my back scrubby. (i keep forgetting to mention my awesome new bumble and bumble shampoo and conditioner. it gives me joy every time i get in the shower.)

- declared location for book club.

- made plans to go to blacksburg on the 17th and sent email to a few people who might want to see me when i am down there. unless someone pipes up that they want to road trip to see WSC, looks like this might be a solo voyage. the show is being held at a... duplex. i emailed them.

- used the word "flummoxed" in a ticket.

- created a NationState. Check out the United Socialist States of Modestica. It's a web game. Usually I am entertained by these for a short time and then forget about them but this one seems fun! Recommended by evilhat.

TO DO: cull stuff for white elephant. find sickert art if possible to print for book club. maintenance list for tomorrow. figure out how to get a new stereo/face. call tattoo guy and let him know things are postponed. set aside appropriate amount of money for insurance payment. figure out what's left when that's gone.
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