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too lazy: stream of conciousness

tonight's gift exchange with tzel and denise went great i had a great feeling and the food as usual was the best; my only regret was not getting to the place to get the thing i had in mind for denise yet. we discussed technicon because i remembered i had had this bizarre dream where there was a vtsffc reunion where all the former presidents were talking and dale was there and his hair was really long. denise reminded me that if i was ever gonna go this would be the year to do it so i'm putting that on the calendar for 3/14-16. i'm kind of excited about it despite not being so much into the convention thing as i was when younger. it's more that i might get to see alot of old friends i don't ever talk to much anymore. stephen brust will be there which is a coup, not that i have read any of his books. while trying desperately to sleep today, i heard the guy next door yelling at the top of his lungs either at his kid or at the tv, i couldn't tell which. it was not cool and the first bad sleep experience i've had in this apartment. but since i worked last night and it snowed tonight and i slept poorly, i didn't go into work. this puts the kibbosh on going out on thursday to any clubs or what not. sigh. finally, my intestines have been feeling a bit twingey and i'm scared things are messed up again, and i really hope that i don't have to take another course of antibiotics, but if there is something really wrong again i desperately hope that's all that is necessary to clear it up. it's not so painful as it was last time but i'm scared... it's going in that direction. i have been trying to eat better, i swear... bleh. i can't let myself get my knickers in a twist, i really can't. i hope to call the doctor in the morning i guess. sigh. jack came by tonight which was nice, but the fact that his new housing arrangement isn't optimum is not nice. i hope for his sake that he can move on to something better soon.
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