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gnuh? groggy post-dream

i had this dream just now where my high school was doing some kind of fourth of july reunion and i was supposedly going t6o help organize it but somehow i got really involved in the organization of it and then it was like hundreds of people and for some reason prior to the party i had to open a bunch of mail and i was throwing the envelopes into these trash bags along with some other people and i opened an envelope from my grandmother (my father's mother who is no longer with us) and forgot to keep the return address! i was really upset so i tried to go back through the trash bags but they had been tied off and moved!! the rest of the dream was this increasingly weepy and frantic experience of me trying to find this particular trash bag (there seemed to be hundereds, the reunion was being held at this gigantic masion) but being distracted by people asking me to accomplish menial tasks. at some point i got away and the dinner had started, but the room i found was pitch dark and none of the light switches worked. i realized i always carried around this tiny flashlight in my purse (which i don't in reality) so i made my way back out of the room. some older volunteer found me and noticed that my face and hair were wet from crying and she seemed to want to give me a break, but finally i gave up in shame and went out on the deck where several of my high school class "buddies" were hanging around, the only one i distinctly remember was mercer.

when i woke up this brought me to the swift realization that 2003 is indeed my 10 year high school reunion. golly. i then had groggy imaginings of all the things i'd like to do to my appearance then and how i will describe my job so that it sounds better than it is and how i need to look like money because this is norfolk academy and they will all look like money. but hopefully i won't do any of that and i will just go and be chill. i will get my eyebrows waxed though. and maybe my nails done. i have to confess to these vanities.
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