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Token New Year Post

I have this feeling that things are going to go up from here. 2002 was good in alot of ways, but I want 2003 to be even better. What I want has nothing to do with the economy or the whims of fate or crazy drivers though, so we'll just have to see.

Resolutions? I dunno. Not get in any car accidents. Keep eating healthy. Find another place to volunteer my time. Speak and act out of love and never fear.

I had an extremely well-managed trashing last night. I was happy drunk for most of the night, and even the melancholy drunk moments were twinged with alot of significance. I came home and slept comfortably alone in my own bed after drinking significant water and taking aspirin. I think I may have ruined a pair of white socks by dancing in the yard. I think I may have said some ridiculous things. I think I danced on a pole. I think I may have said some significant things. Alex jumped through fireworks and Jack was tolerant of my liberal smooching. I didn't smoke so much that I feel like a cheese grater was let loose on my throat.

Now I'm going to go see Chicago because it seems like the thing to do. Friday I am going back for round 2 with the tattoo guy on working up a design I like. Thursday night I work. All's well.
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