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another dream entry

i dreamed that i was abducted by someone i used to know named dinah and taken, somewhere i don't remember, somewhere in roanoke. she abducted me in a black pickup truck and took me off to some secret place that involved alot of back country roads. at some point after some time of captivity and being forced, patty hearst-style, to do some criminal stuff, i managed to escape in said black pickup truck and went to my parents' house. i was trying to get them to give me shelter but they refused, saying they were angry i did those bad things and didn't know if i was really a criminal so they couldn't let me stay in their house. i was very angry and sad and gathered up the last few belongings i had (apparently in the world) and got back in the black truck to move away. but i was already in the truck - for some reason there were now two mes and one of them was kind of surly and trying to get me to hurry and then there was the me that was dreaming and i had to run back in and get a box of tissues because i was crying alot. once i did that we left (me and me) and we stopped at the second stoplight away from my parents house where it seemed that a bunch of my friends were standing around waiting for the light to change. i got out of the truck to tearfully tell them all that i was moving to roanoke to start my new independent life and i was going to suport myself doing something really exciting but i can't remember what it was. then i woke up.

other than that weirdness, yesterday was a fine day. amber and i went to various thrift stores and tried to find party frocks; i'd say it was a mildly successful venture in that we both found some things, but not necessarily things we will be wearing to the party. when i got home we sat and kibbutzed with examorata and casted some aspersions. ahem. when that wrapped up, in a magic timing incident, bizarrojack called to ask me to go get a shake at the diner where we patched things up. and ran into, unsurprisingly, jwiv and traceracer. i noticed that there is virtually nothing on the silver diner menu that i feel confident is good for me to eat so i had a scrambled egg, whole wheat toast and a banana. dull, right? anyways, today i go back to check out the designs that the tattoo guy came up with. i won't have time to get the tattoo today, but it'll be interesting. i got a christmas check from my grandmother - one i feel is far, far too generous especially considering i didn't see her yet or give her a present. i will be sure to make up for that as soon as i know i can go home for a weekend. but i'm guessing that if i do end up keeping her money, it might get me a tattoo. i bet she wouldn't be thrilled about that. one bit. gah, i need to go to norfolk ASAP.
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