keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

things got done!

i paid my bills! OMFG! now if i can just do it *every* month. i also got my amazon package from the mail, so i can start the book club book. i also made a new pile of clothing to give to goodwill and organized my closet. i also went to the grocery store and kept it under $20 although i really didn't get anything that was good for me. i keep procrastinating about the sewing. :-/ i read some of the latest issue of bitch, the first one came in the mail today! From an article:

"There's definately in reclaiming or appropriating aspects of sexual culture traditionally seen as degrading to women," Sanders says, but in the case of Cake, "it seems the subversion isn't necessarily having the effect its practitioners intend. Sometimes appropriatng sexist icons can be liberating, but other times, it can just perpetuate the status quo despite the best intentions of the practitioners."

Bitch always manages to capture what's on my mind so well. Ahhhh. it'll help me explain to tzel why i didn't like Coyote Ugly. i called her earlier today but she couldn't talk, so i hope everything's going ok.

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