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merry thingamajig

yep, it's christmas, i'm at work, the roads were crap, and i found out when i got here that my neil young cd isn't in the cd case. a router has already crashed, and i only managed 5 hours' sleep today. none of that is reason enough to be as grouchy as i currently am. jack took me out for indian food for our christmas eve dinner, which was very nice of him. i am almost to the point where my bills are actually organized and i could consider trying to make a budget, now that i have a sense of who i owe money to. it only took all year and the support and kind words of countless people who care about me starting with someone i treated like crap half the year. i think i need to stop watching buffy because it makes me terribly moody.

but i've just got to get through 5 more hours of work! then i have several days off! chin up!!!!!!
Tags: christmas, introspection, tv
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