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i was sitting around paying bills and watching the taped firefly when i realized i had voicemail, which was from tzel and said something to the effect of "i've been in an accident. the car rolled twice. they're making me go to the hospital. talk to you later." i was, needless to say alarmed. found out where she was and went down there. her roommate had already come to the hospital so that was good. she was ok just very sore. i'm very glad, not that it happened but that she walked away.

cars are terrible death machines. argh. i'm getting a bumper sticker that reads "guns don't kill people, cars kill people" or something. bleh.

i realized i can't eat the strawberry yogurt i bought because it has seeds in it. and unsurprisingly, i have more bills than i have money. i think. i have to do more careful calculations if i have time when it's slow tonight.
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