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i am back at work, for almost a full week!!!! wah!!!!

i slept through friday evening AND night through to saturday morning; ouch. i was supposed to do many things.

i did many things saturday; it was a lone shopping day. fortunately i got in the mall and back out of it by 12:30 because it was rapidly becoming insane. the rest of the day was spent in craft stores; my friends will be getting their presents in 2003 for sure, sigh.

saturday night was examorata's annual holiday party, which coincidentally occured in my house! it was a good party, but i couldn't drink, which i got mopey about later in the evening. i looked hot though. i don't know why i gave up on knee socks when i was about 8. probably because they don't make them for short people. there was mad baking apparently this week; hostess and i recieved many fab baked goods which i hope i can eat even on my "new diet". i started feeling bad later on, maybe because of the 2984579843 pounds of ham i ate, or maybe because i was working myself up into anxiety.

which brings me to today. all day i've had a tingly sensation in my left hand. it started to move towards the panic attack stage, but i think i'm too rational at this point to let it go beyond that. i did several loads of laundry (including the "poo sheets" which is a cat-related incident) and watched some law and order marathon and cleaned the kitchen floor. oh, btw, swiffer is a big fat lie, i said, as i got down on my hands and knees and had to scrub the floor some after i swiffered it.

that brings me here. to work. i may get christmas night (not christmas eve) off but i can't leave town, because i have to be "on call" BUT i can spend it at my own house, which is better than at work. some good news for a change!
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