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i'm at work! that's what is unpleasant. i hate that i feel guilty for being out the last week when i was so sick. either way, i think i've spent more time in the can than at my desk. i just have to make it to 7am, then i can go to the SPCA and prove to them i'm worth my salt, and then home to nap before seeing the doctor again. i long to see the doc this time; i want her to tell me how to get rid of all this shit that the antibiotics has given me on the side. but before i go on about it...

today i didn't get much done. i was going to go to the bank, put some things up on the walls, do those last three loads of laundry... instead i ended up going out and getting something for jack i didn't initially intend to get, some things at target (like humongous ass pants, because apparently none of my old pants are big enough for my humongous ass), of course not the main thing i wanted at target because i was temporarily baffled that it wasn't on sale any more and they didn't have the colors i wanted in the sizes i wanted. then, of all things, chris took me to lunch. as in, he drove me to lunch. for some reason i thought sitting in the passenger seat while chris was driving would be more of a revelation than it was. instead i had a sense of some youthful folly passing into old age. he told me something i found quite surprising about a come-on he'd recieved and all i could do was flare my hands. i have no advice either way on that one, although selfishly i want him to bed someone because i think it'll make him feel better and change his perspective. by which i guess i mean move on. but that's not the right way for everyone. oh, and i ate a steak at lunch. finally red meat. i think in a way i regret it but in another way i feel stronger now. i am so not a good candidate for vegetarianism. :(

i did manage to get a nap although i lay in bed for two hours before sleep came. i slept through scrubs, quite the disappointment, but in the end this is good because here i am at work and i am not yet falling apart. when i woke up amber was over for knitting and we got to chat a bit before i went to work, me and her and examorata. it was nice. although perhaps a bit me-centric. i told them about my two most recent dreams:

first, the dream i had in which i was in england with someone on the london underground and i got off at the wrong stop and for some reason i had to walk along the highway to catch up with them; as i was walking along the highway a man came up behind me. he looked like jack only more british and more glossy. he offered to help me find my friends and he walked me to a place that seemed to be near the shore, where we found my friends, and tzel was there. she was getting angry at me because it was obvious that this stranger was falling in love with me, and she was cursing the fact that it seemed like men just fell out of the sky into my lap, and i couldn't help but laugh because it seemed in this instance to be just that much fortune.

the second dream involved me being at my grandparents' old house on chickasaw lane in virginia beach. my mother was sleeping for some reason, and i needed to go home to our house to get something, but i was feeling lazy. (it's maybe a mile walk, in reality) so i noticed that a next-door neighbor was on his lawn making motorized scooters, and i stole one and finished welding it together (i was arc-welding it, for god knows what reason) and decided to try to ride it home. everyone was so pleased that this scooter worked that they just watched me ride it around the block. it had a gear shifty thing not unlike a motorcycle and tiny, tiny wheels. i was very surprised when it would go over bumps since it had such low clearance.
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