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gumption. and new icon.

i am now about 3 loads of laundry from being able to cross "laundry" off the list of things to do. so, in that sense, i have been feeling better, i have been doing things around the house that i had been putting off.

this new icon is made by belladonnalin who was very kind to make me some icons. yay.

i had a bad episode last night; i didn't get to see the two towers movie because i waited in line for 2 hours and then felt horrendously ill right before the movie was to begin. a huge disappointment. jack drove me home so it was disappointing for him too but he fed me a little and put me to bed and worked on a program while i drifted off... but not before i called work, and talked to someone who didn't seem pleased with me, but then i called my manager and he said things were fine although he is going out of town so they are effectively down 2.5 people right now. i feel really bad about this but i have not been ready to go back yet. i don't think i will tonight, either, and i really hope they understand this. i am lucky i work somewhere i can get away with this i guess.

i am reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris; so far it seems like a cute little vampire novel. it's perfect for my extremely short attention span. tonight if i feel like it i will go to target. i will probably need to go at least to the store because i think i will pass out if i dont' eat any red meat today. that's all there is to it. i need flesh.
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