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so much on my mind

i have so much on my mind, and like no energy to talk or write about it. i feel bad that i missed work, because i logged on and found out it was a hell night. i want to explain about my whole hospital experience, because it was really my first ever hospital admission. it was terrifying, even though i knew that the problem (diverticulitis) isn't fatal. well, i suppose it could be if you just let it go, i guess. but yeah, it was terrifying. i am apparently not so tough. i dont' know what to do about that.

i hate IVs, and i can't figure out why. it ties in somehow with why i hate cyberpunk.

my cat is being nice to me, thank goodness. i thought he'd be super pissy that i was gone.

i have to re-learn how to eat. i have no idea what to do about this. all i've ever eaten is fatty greasy mess.
Tags: health, hospital
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