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kitty etc.

this morning when i got home nicolas greeted me by throwing up on the kitchen floor. i was all worried about him, but he seems to be ok now; throwing up is not something he usually does, so i guess i had reason to worry. he threw up yellow tummy liquid so i was worried maybe he wasn't eating, but i think he did eat some today so hopefully it was just a fluke.

if i owned a miata, i would so get one of these. link courtesy of darkweasel.

i don't know how to look at my "friends' friends" list. does anyone else know?

i think in the fine (read: stupid) tradition of delaring war on a concept, i think i will declare war on war. i mean, hey, nobody likes terror, so we've declared war on it! so nobody likes war, why don't we just declare war on that too? ha. ha.
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