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christmas tree day all around!

today was extremely eventful. well, extremely eventful on my scale anyways. it started with me being at work of course, and at 4am chris messaging me, he needed a ride to the job fair. cool enough, except the three hour gap between me getting off work and him needing to be there. we wasted some of it at the diner and some in the parking lot with me smoking and grimacing alot. the plus of this whole thing is that it seemed like a successful trip on the outside, i wish him much luck.

then i went to sleep. that wasn't so eventful, there weren't any weird dreams or anything. when i woke up i heard the telltale signs of examorata and friend preparing to go get a tree, you know, for the holiday thingy. i threw on some clothes and went with. i'm glad, because i helped us decide to get the cute tiny "hobbit tree". it is excellent!! we took it home and called a few people for an emergency "put things on the tree" session. i got out the old fake tinsel monster, so we have two trees! plus i got to watch grease 2 and had to leave for work (again) just in time for everyone else to get embroiled in "full metal jacket" which i detest. we discovered that my cat's stocking is much smaller than the other cat's stockings. it's a sign that we're cat ladies of the utmost proportions that we had a discussion over the fact that Nicolas might get jealous. ahem.

bizarrojack went to a party but since i had to work there was no way i was accompanying him even if i hadn't decided to do festive tree things tonight. i haven't heard yet but i bet he had fun, i hope so! and got home safe!

random things on my mind: i'm scared no one will come to book club monday. i don't understand why i always "save" my favorite sweater (which i am currently wearing, blue v-neck men's old navy) for a special occasion when what that essentially means is that i never wear it. i am currently reading dorothy l sayers and come to find out she's a wacky conservative anglican, i hope that doesn't sour me on her mystery novels. in addidtion to my new firefly fandom, i have begun an alan tudyk fandom. i didn't remember him from 28 days!

tomorrow i was supposed to have coffee with my ex rob, but i think i am going to bow out becuase shit man, i have SO much to do if i want my christmas present plans to come to fruition not to mention i need to pick up a book club party book. and i need to get the sewing machine power cord. and i need to go to the craft store. and i need to foist off my tv cart on lacifer666. and i need to PAY MY BILLS. and i need to make my sock monkey. AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! and this is day 2 of the 7 day week. i keep telling myself i won't whine about that but here i am.
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