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a "weekend"'s notes

- found out that kelly osbourne apparently uses fudge paintbox to make her hair that pink.

- wednesday i slept all day and then went to the diner. it was grand. bizarrojack and i thought we'd go it alone, but when we got there ended up dinnering with bronzemountain, jwiv, and traceracer. disucssed the ins and outs of going back to college, house buying, other adult-like things. i had alot of fun.

- played a f***load of dii during my "weekend" and brought up a HC char to 21. reasons i shouldn't have weekends on weekdays as much as possible.

- then i slept while jack played as we were "snowed in" (probably late in the day it would have been a cinch to get out but hell if we wanted to)

- thursday night there was a bit of knitting and i delved into my "craft project" box where i found no less that 5 unfinished projects of varying types (latch hook rug, beading, mosaic, stuffed animal, cross stitch, to name a few). prior to that examorata cooked me a thoughtful and awesome dinner of filet mignon.

- somewhere in all this i discovered that my sewing machine is not totally intact. either the power cord got lost at zarobi's or the repair people stole it.

- yeah, the snow is pretty but i'm not enjoying it because of my fear of the roadways. i like walking in it though.

- during friday day sleep i had an intense dream that i took a law school test and i was having alot of difficulty writing out the answers. weirdly, zarobi was there too and she finished promptly and was really confident about her answers. i think i must be jealous of her cleverness. :)

- tonight i had chevy's with tzel and then we got her hair cut, and it looks effing awesome now. i approve. you know what else i approve of? that firefly show. goddamn, i really like it!!

- i need to find a record store that still sells... well... records. and not ebay. i just want to browse a whole bunch of them.

- lately i have been wanting to be a class warrior but it's really hard when i know i am on the wrong team. but people's sense of (fucking) entitlement has been really getting to me lately.

- i am mesmerized by the amazon "Holiday Delight-O-Meter" which constantly increments the number of orders since Nov. 1. it's really kind of scary.

- on the bad side of amazon: i did that thing where i ordered something that is a used item and the place i ordered it from had "pre-sold" it. the book is called conjuring up philip and it sounds really interesting but the next cheapest used one is twice as much as the one i tried to buy.

- i am so bored at work, but i hope it stays slow like this as i am completely alone and abandoned by any other coworkers. no one here, no one in minneapolius. eek.

- i got tickets for the 12/17 11:59PM two towers showing for me and 4 friends. i'm wondering if that was smart because i want to get there like 2 or 3 hours early and wait in line and i bet they... don't.

- i don't think i can take much more talking about politics. i also don't think i am erudite. so i think i'm one of those people who is not fun to debate with.
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