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an evening's notes

- cheetahmaster helped me through my Baal run so now i can play HC.

- we then celebrated over CHEESE DIP at los panchos. we decided that if there is not already a drink called a "Bull Puncher" there should be. it will involve tequila, and maybe red bull. we can't decide if it's supposed to be able to make you want to punch a bull, make you able to punch a bull, or make you stupid enough to punch a bull. it was a really good cheese dip night.

- i have a frosty thanks to Number One. the late night wendy's run is a success.

- i agreed to work friday and saturday nights because someone has to go to a wake. seven day week next week. on the up side, tomorrow night and thursday night off.

- i am about to do 4 maintenances and TWO of them involve moving customer ports something complicated that i despise. another one involves nortel equipment. the last one involves debug commands. the only thing i have ever, ever learned about debug commands is not to do them. this should be fun.

- i wish i could think of 8 album covers that have horses on them. i want to come up with a cohesive theme for my 8 album frames. i realized that significantly more than half my cd collection involves artists that probably never released anything on vinyl. i weep.

- i hope what you do doesn't always come back to you. i don't want anyone to ever tell me flat out how unspecial i really am. i like my suspension of disbelief.

- fingernails are dry and flaky. ew. don't know how to remedy this and it's making me want to gnaw on them. after 20 years of gnawing and then 1 year of not gnawing, i would really not like to move backwards.

- highlight of the brief FotR extras DVD viewing: tolkein experts and film people talking about the "wraithing process". need to be careful and make sure i'm not going through the "wraiting process".
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