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quick boring notes

i am totally out of the lj groove, post-wise anyways and i have work to do so:

- mom's been right all along to make my skin better i have to eat better. crap.
- swartzdk did such a great job on turkey dinner that... well it was just great.
- friday in between shopping we ate at regino's. garlic can burn you.
- we went to a mall on the day after thanksgiving. we were too mean to mom.
- the old navy may have actually been worse than the mall.
- mom got me nice velvet jeans. mom rocks. even after i had been mean to her too.
- i did alot of driving this weekend and i hardly noticed. a sign the car is good.
- and i mean when i did the 300 miles each way i never got out of the car. well, one rest stop on the way back.
- when i got back i finally made the shrimp for debela and rob_donoghue. good friends. good shrimp.
- then took a 1hr nap which turned into a 5 hr nap. oops.
- this led to diablo ii and PIE baking at 4am at bizarrojack's. yum. pie.
- sunday, lazy. monday's here and i am at work. all's quiet on the network front.



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Dec. 2nd, 2002 10:19 am (UTC)
Thanksgiving was really great except for the pumpkin pie, seems like I really screwed that up. Of course your mom and I will be eating turkey until Christmas. We went to Richmond this Saturday and mom got a ruby ring and I got 2 muzzle loading shotguns. They should clean up real nice. They will then end up in the antique booth. (Ah profit) Now its back to work for a rather long week.
Dec. 2nd, 2002 09:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanksgiving
Hey, I got more than enough pie, in the end. And Jack and I made some more when I got home! So no worries. Also, I meant to bring some turkey leftovers home with me. DOH. I don't think I even own a pan big enough to cook a turkey in.

If you ever see a ring with a lion on it in your travels (preferable silver!) like you know, Leo, my sign, feel free to pick it up and I will pay you back. There's been nothing good on ebay. And I will be cleaningup my amazon wish list... wink wink... hehehe :) you should have one!!!
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