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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have alot to be thankful for this year. My parents are terrific and made an excellent dinner, of which as always I only partook of the turkey, potatoes, and corn. Some things never change. I ended up driving all night to get here and then sleeping for 6 hours this morning, which was nice. I listened to 3 hours of prog rock (Genesis, Fruupp) and the stereo sounded awesome. Although WHY were there so many cars on the road at 4 in the morning?? Grandma came and is looking fragile and forgetting alot. I had a talk with mom about how things would be when she got to that age, and we agreed that it would be easier between us because well, we are actually willing to talk to each other about our needs and wants.

I talked to my uncle on the phone; he didn't come from california after all. He thought I was still engaged, heh. Oh well! He said he comes through DC alot and will call me. We'll see about that.

The SPCA volunteer crew is not mad at me for being a slacker! I am so relieved. There have been alot more reflections but I think I should go back downstairs and talk to mom about clothes and boys some more.
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