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there's a little going on

a very little. i'm at work and it's dead silent in here. Number One just told me i could leave whenever i want and i think that will be real soon now. i can get to mom and dad's before they even wake up and scare the heck out of em! not to mention the roads being totally clear if i do that. aww, yeah. i hear i will see my uncle, which will probably be interesting, i haven't seen him since he moved to california, a decision that had left everyone (everyone being my mother and grandmother) feeling quite concerned. not about him, i don't think. more about his mother and children. but anyways...

today i was going to do laundry. oops. i didn't. they sent out the roster for my camarilla chapter and i'm STILL not on it. for some reason i feel like if i go to any effort to be a part of the club that they should be ever-so-grateful which is stupid, i know. i just remember back in the day when it was this desperate struggle to keep the roster long enough to be a valid chapter, and here i am a paid (heh) member, and no one's noticing! maybe it's because i attend absolutely nothing related to the camarilla. yeah, maybe that's it. other than that i went to visit jack. it was grand. ridculous as it sounds even to my overly-romantic ears, although we will see each other in two days i will miss him. considering all my friends that have to deal with long-distance hoo-hah, i should shut up.

Number One reports that there are scary drunk people at the 7-11! how will i get my snackage for the road?? the Boss just gave us a verbal warning about sleeping on shift again. it's ironic since the only person that does that isn't here. if he wanted to warn me about something it really ought to be posting too much to livejournal. i just spent 15 minutes composing an impassioned response to something on the feminist community. heh. that said, i think i'll getup and go!!!
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