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gold star!

for the second time this week, i feel like i have been given a gold star, like i'm in kindergarten. the first time was when i got a check from my old apartment complex for my WHOLE DEPOSIT plus INTEREST with a note that said that i left the place in excellent condition. this time it's because the guy at the sewing machine repair place said i had a really really nice sewing machine as if he hadn't gotten to fix such a nice sewing machine in years. he said that i could probably keep it going long enough to pass on to my grandkids. i knew i'd been lugging that thing around for years for a reason! they just don't make things like they used to nosiree!! it's weird how much joy you can get from things after you don't get report cards anymore. also this morning i had breakfast with dragonballzzz. i am apparently just bad at giving advice. no gold star for me there. i kept talking about me too much. oh, and the other thing about my gold stars: the one will just about pay for the other. but, it's still less than buying a new sewing machine. the sewing machine guy sounded crestfallen that i might even *suggest* buying a new machine. oh yeah, and i made a whole new icon set of all kittens last night. dork.
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