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classic magic rock

As a nod to the function of livejournal being a place to get lots of feedback, I have another musical idea, not unlike my old plan of making a mix of songs featuring the word "crazy". This time, it's a different theme... I want to make another mix though. and now i have this fabulous mp3 player in my car so I can make it almost seemingly infinite.

Okay, so I was listening to Cream in the car on the way to work, and it came around to "Strange Brew" and I thought to myself that gosh, there were an awful lot of classic rock songs built on a "magic" or "witch" theme. Wouldn't it be neat to collect a whole bunch of rock songs based on this theme or word? Of course getting into it I can't decide whether to just say "word" or get more specific with "theme". I can think of no better way to explain this than to show some examples of ones I thought were appropriate and ones I thought were not:

In line with the sound/idea I want:
Cream - Strange Brew
Eagles - Witchy Woman
ELO - Strange Magic or perhaps Evil Woman
Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky (this is perhaps a stretch)
Heart - Magic Man
Blue Oyster Cult - Veterans of the Psychic Wars (if not that, i'm sure they have something else that fits the bill, i am just partial to that song)
Donovan - Season of the Witch
Olivia Newton-John - Magic

NOT in line with the sound/idea I want:
Aerosmith - Magic Touch
Olivia Newton-John - Magic (I can't decide which category this belongs in.)
The Police - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

There seems to be a specific subcategory of "stay away from the girl who'll break your heart with her evil ways" songs, but I'm not sure there's enough for a whole cd... although, if you have suggestions that follow that specific theme then AWESOME. (Ooh... Hall and Oates, Maneater. Heh.) It also seems like if I opened the field up to songs outside the classic rock/rock sound, maybe to a more folk sound, I'd have alot more to work with, and I guess I'd welcome those suggestions, but there's something... well, I have some weird sense of wonder and feeling of, well, magic, with the songs I've mentioned, probably because they made an impression on me when I was young. The songs' subject matter could be whatever... optimally it would have something magical in the imagery, I guess. Hence my indecision on O N-J.

But with that I leave the question open. I want to hear about music!!!!! Suggest anything you think is vaguely appropriate. Or totally inappropriate. Obscure or obvious. Please! :)
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