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goodbye weekend, hello work

after a nice long weekend, of course it's jarring to go back to work, i know this, and tonight the transition is going fine. there is a moratorium on hardware and software changes on the network and that means that we get to do alot more thumb-twiddling than anything else. fabulous. Number One is here and is exhausted but is handling stuff with aplomb and even seemingly not bitter about my absence last thursday. this ease of work has effectively negated my "sunday blues". that and the 2 hours nap i had before coming in.

the housewarming went just fine even though i had worried so much. people kept being surprised at the number of stuffed animals i have. i am ashamed that i didn't have them out all these years now... dang. it was nice to have people over and to have a place where it's possible. it's really been a long time since that's been the case. some people showed that i didn't expect, some people didn't show that i DID expect, and the important thing is that everyone fit. and that i didn't suddenly have an attack of the anti-socials or something. i had my expectations pretty low so i wouldn't get them disappointed, though. i just wanted to be mellow, and fortunately, that's what i got. and a little drunk. hence hangover. oh, and i (and my roommate) also got 6 bottles of wine and a TON of beer. maybe we should have a small beer-obliteration gathering or something. that or we have a year's supply of beer which seems more likely.

there was some sport had at the party; reev was offered $83 to eat the tub of espresso beans we had on the snack table. he failed, and the espresso-bean-eating-crown ended up going to devolutionary. the crown by that point was only worth $55 or so i hear. nobody threw up, and i can't tell if that's a sign of a successful party or not. bizarrojack did that knife-in-the-nose trick which he always does at parties which had me waking up in a cold sweat the next morning with dreams of him accidentally giving himself a lobotomy. *shiver* the cow creamer was safely hidden although a few people got to have a private viewing. no neighbors seemed to be bothered by our noise which either means we weren't noisy or we really do have thick walls & floors. it was an "early" party night with most people leaving at 2 and me in bed by 4. have i passed the WOO-WOO all-night party-til-dawn portion of my life completely? i hope not. particularly since i work the OVERNIGHT now and i really ought to take advantage of that while i can...

i was having that same problem concentrating on any one conversation that i usually have at parties. lame.

i realize one thing i desperately want for christmas. it is the split enz dvd. you cannot get it in the US. i weep. i want it so badly. i don't even know if i can get a DVD player that will play it but you see, i don't even care. *sigh*

when we woke up today, i offered to take jack to see the jackass movie. i figured no matter how bad it was, i could always just close my eyes and wait, as it was only 1.5 hours long. and i knew jack really wanted to see it. so we went. and truth be told, i didn't hate it. in fact i laughed at most of it. i had never seen the show so i didn't realize that really, most of the things they do, they do to themselves which i have less of a problem with than if they're doing mean things to other people. some things offended, sure. but if a guy's going to give himself a papercut in an incredibly uncomfortable place, then you know, he can just go do that. if i'm foolish enough to spend money to WATCH him do it, then i guess uh... i'm foolish. it's certainly easier for me to see people do it on a screen than if i had to be nearby. i bet guys all over america are kicking themselves thinking that they should have televised their ridiculous shenanigans first.

i can't wait to go back home and go to bed. it's really hard to think about anything else right now.
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