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it speaks to me in dreams

last night's dream was a doozy...

i was going to dinner at the house of an eccentric millionaire with this dark-haired gentleman i'd never met before. he looked kind of like an actor whose name i can't remember and his hair kept getting longer and longer every time i looked at it. at any rate, we go to dinner at the house of this eccentric millionaire, and it turns out he's sam raimi and then i remember that this is the third time i have been to one of his dinners, which are famous for having really spooky things happen. i can't tell if i am remembering other dreams i've had in this dream, or if the me in the dream is having made-up memories. at any rate, we get to the dining room and there are obviously alot more people than can sit at the table. sam raimi starts talking about something and it seems like there is scary gas coming out of the vents, so people start running for the doors and windows! as soon as a certain amount of people are out the doors and windows are immediately shut and i think to myself, "damn, this was his way of culling out only the best dinner guests. and we didn't make the cut." but then i look around me and realize... there is something weird... and i turn to my companion and say "oh my god... look where we are..." and the first thing i see is the car from evil dead... and we are on the set of evil dead and they are filming, as if we've gone back in time. i then realize that we were the cool guests because we got to get sent back in time. so we watch as the guests start to mingle with the filmmakers and we're walking around looking for something and this person approches us... he has a weird yellow filmy hat on so that we can't see his face... and also i will note that suddenly it seems like blacksburg yet not... so this man in the yellow hat removes it and it's a young jack nicholson! only when i look i realize it's not really him and that they got an actor to play jack nicholson and i gasp "oh my god!" but i don't say why because i'm starting to think there's something funny about this whole scenario. anyways as it turns out the man i'm with is a writer and in order to save the production of evil dead and get us back home he has to rewrite the script, so we follow this guy to where he has a typewriter and suddenly it's as if we're in this dark cafe that's like a student union or something and it's started to rain really hard.

then i woke up.

it was the best dream i've had in forever.
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