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kind of productive! sort of!

i woke up this morning. i was pleased to be waking up in the morning, but not pleased when i realized that once again i spaced out on the SPCA. i'm so fired. but this is all because i slept like there were angels pressing their thumbs on my eyelids and cherubs sticking tiny balled-up fists in my ears. it was pleasant but overlong.

i finally decided that to get anything done i would have to Leave The House. i really didn't want to do this but at the same time i wanted things to be done, so i took out a bunch of trash and tossed the rest of the things destined for the thrift store in the hatchback, and rolled out.

i hit the thrift store up on 198 first; they couldn't solve my shelving problem, but they had a really nice print (painting?) there that i found aesthetically pleasing that had a nice frame and abstract trees. of course, they were asking $20.00 for it and frankly i'm loathe to spend more than $5.00 on thrift store art. so i passed that up and instead indulged in a small piece of yarn art ($2.00) which i have NO idea where i will put it, and also a brown courduroy jacket with leather patches on the elbows. i am very excited about this jacket and i can't wait to wash it. i moved on to the laurel thrift on rt. 1; they couldn't solve my art problem or my shelving problem either. i moved on to target. target was really difficult because inevitably i suddenly need 5,247 things as soon as i walk in; this time i got away with a hand towel, some soap for the kitchen, socks with monkeys on them (i can't go to target without buying socks or pajamas), specific socks for my sock monkey, and hopefully a shelving solution for my video media. target could not solve my art problem or my filing cabinet problem either; i was 0 for 3.

i will note that the leaves were falling on my car like snow as i drove down the parkway. also, while listening to "ramblin' man" it occurred to me that there is no "right end" of a gun. anyways.

next stop was terp trader. as i suspected terp trader handled my filing cabinet problem immediately. there was alot of giant weightlifting equipment there if you're into that kind of thing. also cute lesbians with granola-girl hair and huge plastic glasses, but i digress. i now had a filing cabinet and shelving for videos. all i needed was something to match the picasso print over the couch. no such luck. stopped at the consignment place on sunnyside, they had crap, crap, and more crap. i stopped at the garage to show my mechanic Aspire Three but he wasn't there.

i feel like i've gotten alot done but yet only 1/12 things on my to-do list is crossed off. forgot to get my hair cut. i want to accomplish four things tomorrow during the day if nothing else. haircut, laundry, snack/drink buying, and porch tidying. in a bit i need to go help tzel clean. later tonight is a big question mark. i fear it.
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