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happy morning time again.

NPR choked me up again this morning with its story on "White Christmas". The song came out in 1942, and no one thought it would get noticed... Until it was the first Christmas that we had troops away from home. Thank you, Irving Berlin. FOR MAKING ME WEEP!!!

Anyways... still haven't got my cow creamer I won on Ebay. GRR. Waiting for cable guy to show up. Last night was interesting but worth mentioning and not worth mentioning at the same time. I'm glad I got to see Jack, we had a good time and I feel like I can be very open and none of the crazy things I say will phase him. I have retrieved my Crystal Maze tape, but not my Space Rogues tape.

The cats are being so incredibly cute. It's like unbearably cute just being in this apartment. When I am not depressed, I have a libido. Have I been depressed for the past 3 years? WTF??
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