keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

i wonder.

i wonder if guys get bothered by being called "the boy". i have noticed alot of my friends call their boyfriend/s.o. "the boy". and i was thinking, what if they called us "the girl"? wouldn't we be like "oh man why can't he call me by my name???" is this one of those things where we feel intrinsically that men would say "the girl" and mean it in a demeaning way but somehow women don't mean it that way? because i can't tell if it's actually kind of demeaning or not. i take shit like this way, way too seriously, don't i. but don't we need at least a few people in this world to take these things seriously and keep everyone else in line? i think when we're saying something nice, it's a good thing, like, "the boy took me to dinner, isn't that sweet" but then it can be turned around and be bad, like, "the boy forgot to help me lift the heavy thing". so i guess it's like using his name. but only it's not, it's like lumping him into a category with a label. uh... wait, should i just shut the hell up? don't answer that last one.

the one question i can answer for myself is, should i go home? yes.
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