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why so tired?

i don't know man, i am really fading out this morning, ugh. i wish i could leave early, i am such a wussy. i did wake up early, about 5pm, but i still got 6 hours' sleep. that should be enough! ugh. i pretty much woke up and ran out the door to meet some of my girls at the la madeleine. we started off the evening talking about cars, which is amusing in the "irony" category but i am sure at some point we erased that irony to some extent. i believe it was yesterday that i heard the term "bitch basket" for the first time to describe a "girly" car. amusing. if i were a man i would run right out and buy a cabriolet and kick the shit out of anyone who mocked me for it. but, i'm not, and i don't know many guys who could handle the bitch basket, ifyaknowwhatimean. anyways, i called coworker number one who hasn't been in all week and made sure he was coming in so that i could damn well be late and enjoy the conversation i was having. i came into work over an hour late. things got started here right away for maintenance night and they haven't really stopped although i did have time earlier to make alot of livejournal comments. the blond guy in the IPNOC who has up to this point ignored my existence completely in favor of asking technical questions of my male coworkers suddenly started being friendly with me for no apparent reason. i have become a part of lizzykat's sock monkey christmas exchange. i have not done anything on my to-do list still. this is getting ridiculous. i have to make sure my apartment is in ship shape for the weekend housewarming and i have no energy to, but it takes precedence because i despise the idea of the house being anything less than perfect for it. still enjoying the hell out of the new car stereo even though it's going to be the thing that broke me this month. i got another "oh by the way send us more money" bill from the insurance company. probably for my deductible, i don't know, i never want to investigate these things. i'd better get back to the work thing. i wish i had a dollar for a soda. poop.
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