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diner night

woke up today and almost immediately was called to the diner. jwiv, oontzgrrl, and bizarrojack were smokin' and talkin' and i was glad to go, especially since well, i didn't really feel like cooking and well, bonus getting to see the bf on a weeknight. had the chicken skewers and ice cream with strawberries. i think i eat too damn much. went home and read the citypaper with some lounge music on in my library while the cats stared at each other meanly. then came to work. thank goodness, eventually another shiftmate showed up. it's been a hellish night mainly because the same engineer i was talking about yesterday flipped out on me again for paging him. i wrote a long-ass email to my manager and my manager's manager about how they'd better send us a fucking policy document on how to handle this or the people who are stuck here all night are going to have fistfights with the people who have their sleep interrupted by annoying pagers and cell phones. found out C is indeed ticked off at me or at least uncomfortable with me, he was kind of monosyllabic about it so i haven't got the best idea of what the consequences will be this time. it's making me a little mad but well, i refuse to let it get to me because this always happens no matter whether i do anything or not. getting lots of calls and issues tonight so not much time for the long rambling meditations on life.
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