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i suddenly feel shitty after a whole day of being ubiquitously happy. wtf. took 5 hours to get the car stereo installed but totally worth it. thanks to judithiscariot for the free stuff and the kitten fondling. thursday night was spent at brickskeller with jeff who looked fucken awesome and i am very glad i got to see him. service was the WORST EVER though.

now i suddenly feel shitty and like i'm being ignored and my feelings are all sensitive... and i need to try to stay awake all night but all i really want to do is get under the covers and cry some.

instead of doing that i'll read, hopefully. i borrowed my roommate's copy of watcher in the wood and it's making for a nice light read, but it made me really want to read more spooky/scary books, and frankly i have been unable to come up with anything. tell me your favorite scary/spooky/suspenseful book!!! thank you.
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