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my mid-morning break from work, i.e. lj update

many minor annoyances sticking in my craw tonight; not the least of them being work. it bothers me when people get overly uptight about an issue/outage that is simply not that crucial. but then that's a bad attitude of mine that i am sure annoys them. other things that are annoying me... i have about 20 contacts that are old or outdated or unwelcome on my IM contact list that i deleted, and they keep showing back up in a folder called "merged contacts" on my contact list. i don't want to have to see these contacts anymore that's why i deleted them. grrr. i delete them again every night, but i'd really prefer that they just not show up. i win the "politically correct annoying ninny" award at work tonight; i overheard some of the swing shift guys bitching about the fact that the HR form says "spouse or domestic partner" and if i heard them correctly, they were making disparaging comments about the fact that domestic partners are "homos" (they didn't say "fags" in a derogatory way, but they might as well have...) and that that just isn't the same as their actual wives. well, i didn't punch them in the face, i just started talking loudly about how it's pretty unfair that under the law in our country it's ridiculous that heterosexuals can get married and same-sex couples can't and i'm glad that my company is trying to address that in their benefits in their own way. i believe i referred to "them" and "us" in my little rant so now they all think i am a lesbian, which i don't mind at all. they already think i'm a raving weirdo. man, i was so mad. and finally, reaching back earlier into my evening, the annoying thing was that as i was leaving my building to go to work, some guy smoking outside called out to me, "you got a boyfriend?" to which i said "yes" not in the least part because it's truthful, but then i thought, "what the fuck kind of question is that???" of course, then he said "that's too bad" and made some noise that i'm sure was meant to be, uh, flattering. ick.

tonight i skipped out on going to see the butchies (or so i thought, apparently their concert is tonight, not last night) to stay home and eat a tasty dinner cooked by my roommate (turkey spaghetti, a fine thing indeed) and watch the japanese version of the ring. well, it was approximately as good as the US version, but worse in several key respects: they scary video was... well... not as scary. the plot advancement was choppier from what i could tell, but then my viewing might have suffered from the poorly translated and sometimes missing subtitles. you'd think in english class the first thing they'd teach subtitlers is how to conjugate the verb "to happen". the whole horse subplot didn't exist, and instead there was a more indepth (if you can call it that) explanation of the dead mother's psychicness and intimation that it was passed on to the daughter. so it was better, in my opinion, in that respect, because there was no disturbing horse scene, and i am really into the whole inherited psychicness idea. i felt it better explained that the girl was bad somehow. however, there was no fascinating old asylum footage, which takes alot away from any movie, IMHO. many scenes were shot-for-shot the same, which i was expecting, but i was also expecting a more... artsy cinematic vision or something, but i think that's just my prejudice where the japanese are concerned. overall, i'd say you're not missing anything by not seeing this version. unless you're just that into it. but i had fun making fun of the bad subtitles.

thank you rob brezny:

I'm a big fan of regular purification. I believe every one of us should periodically shake ourselves free from the grip of stale habits and rotting karma. My method does not, however, revolve around ordeals of self-denial. Instead, I prefer to instigate purification through rituals of liberation. Would you consider this approach, Leo? If so, close yourself down to influences that demean your spirit and lower your energy, even as you open yourself up to people and adventures that stoke your excitement about being alive. Nothing will cleanse you more efficiently.

and finally, i will be seeing an old friend tonight whom i haven't seen in literally years. someone from the camarilla! i look forward to catching up over dinner. i hope i have interesting things to say... and then friday, i am going to anoint the aspire with its own shiny new stereo. i have it all picked out; i'm only doing front speakers for now. i want the JVC KDSX980 with Infinity Reference coax speakers. i'm told they have silk dome tweeters and that that is the best thing. whatever! i want pretty music. then i can't get anything else for myself this year!

i find it really odd to think about the times when i couldn't buy myself ANYTHING. i mean, like when i was a kid and for anything over five bucks i had to wait until christmas or birthday or when i got sick or something. now when i see something more often than not i could get it for myself. it really puts things in perspective. had you showed me this life when i was 8 i wouldn't have believed it!! and i also would have asked myself why i bought a 60 dollar sweater instead of buying 60 dollars worth of toys. of course, thinking about this i also remind myself: i might be right back there in no time. anytime. for no one knows how long. so i want to make sure i curb my consuming and think carefully about every financial step i take; that said i'm damn well getting this stereo in celebration of the fact that i'm not making car payments right now. ahhhhh, rationalization.
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