keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
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yay! we have our shit together.

despite minor annoying episodes of ask-the-moronically-obvious-question, our shift has performed tonight as if they had their shit together. this pleases me because most of the time we look like a bunch of nematodes on weed. even though we're not stupid it just keeps happening this way. i blame a lack of knowledge/proper use of the english language and laziness.

at any rate, i didn't wake up yesterday until holy-crap-9pm, which was NOT supposed to happen. oh well. i missed out on stuff i could have done. i mostly just ate and came right to work. other than working and making things go well, i updated the book club web page and got my personal inbox down to six messages. sadly one of them is from, oh, march.

crap, opseng wants me to CLEAN UP THEIR MESS. i can't do more thoughtful updating.
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