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if every day could be like *this* sunday...

well, i managed to sleep in until 3:30 in the afternoon today; fantabulous. it means that right now i am alert and not crazy. i only have three more hours that i need to remain alert. well, technically four. i mean, the drive home and all. i think i have already made the decision to work 5/8 this week. the idea of leaving work at 7am is just too tantalizing.

i woke up immediately ready to go; this happens to me sometimes, in fact, most of the time. as my day wears longer and longer into the night, i usually lose some of my acumen, but when i first wake up it's this feeling that i must go forward. i'm not sure if it is from years of my mother telling me that i will waste the whole day away or if it's that alarm clocks scare me or if i am just a morning person. what was nice today, however, was that i didn't have to be anywhere, so despite being fully awake, i just lay in bed in contemplation. jack seems to have the opposite waking-up strategy. i hope that i don't make him feel too guilty; that's not the intent when i get up and run around and do things. it's just what i have to do once i'm awake.

since our only plan for the day was to get me to a showing of the ring and eventually to my car and therefore work, despite my manic morning behavior we were able to head over to the regal in a relatively liesurely manner, and got to see all the previews. when i do go see a movie, i hate it when i miss the previews. it's a childlike eagerness with which i look forward to them that is in the end seldom satisfied by any previews i see. but i'm always waiting, hoping for the next "Rushmore" or such. at any rate, i don't think it would help anyone out for me to write an exciting review of the ring, so i'll just say it scared me less than i expected, i think partly because i knew i'd have to go to work and i willed myself to be calm. the pacing of the movie was just really good. i look forward to maybe seeing the japanese version on wednesday. if not that, them maybe mcoletti will be feeling better and i will be able to see him at purgatorio. but that's far, far, away on wednesday, i have alot to get through before then.

post-ring we went to the tara asia next door and i had some really good pad see eaw. it was like a date, it was really nice. of course, usually after a date you don't have to go immediately to work, but this is how things are in my world.

the thing that unsettled me at the party is still eating at me, but in several different ways now. writing to a friend about it helped me get some clarity though. it hasn't gone but i understand my anger and frustration being a result of my guilt and regret. wow, that was four ridiculously generic nouns that end up meaning nothing without the details. i'll have to be satisfied with that for now, though. it's a loss. i lost something. it makes me sad, which i've learned to temper with anger.

but moving on, i've finished my tickets... now, just to wait and react. count my blessings.
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