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yesterday was a typical friday mixed with thursday for me. i got off work and went to the SPCA and spent alot more time than usual there; i got there first see and just moved really slowly and when the other volunteers came in they seemed to be in a slow mood too. the little old guy came in with boxes of chocolates for everyone. he said it was for celebrating the fact that there's a republican governor in maryland now. it was sweet but i tokenly tried to not accept stating that i don't ever want to celebrate a republican in office and he probably ought to know that before he gives me anything. apparently, he's heard this before as he's the only republican volunteer at the shelter. is anyone surprised?

after feeding and scooping for almost 3 hours, i stopped by a car stereo place i remembered was out in gaithersburg and was treated like a moron by the salesperson there and then realized that their prices are completely ridiculous which turned me off from the idea of buying a car stereo at a car stereo place immediately. i gave up on that and caught up with chris who had said he needed to have breakfast with someone, more or less. we had breakfast at the lone star steakhouse, and discovered that the MOST CHEERFUL WAITER EVER still works there after 2 years. he's creepy. he's also one of those waiters that sometimes gives a shot at sitting at your table with you, which makes chris uncomfortable. but anyways, yeah, we had this hilarious conversation that was basically "this is how we used to act towards each other and it's fucking comical" in the sense that i pretended to get mad at him about something, then we had a fake breakup (fake because he's not my boyfriend anymore but used to be a long time ago, for the uninitiated) and then had a mock fight about who broke up with whom. i took him home and went immediately to bed because i knew i'd have to get up and figure out what i was doing. my tummy was upset and i almost didn't do anything.

i got about 4 hours of sleep and woke up and had dinner with cheetahmaster et al., at don pablo's. i hate dp's but just this once i will give it props as the quesadillas were really good. thank god my tummy gave up its fighting to allow the quesadillas to be pleasant. we chatted about movies and television and i took part in a conversation where my friends actually had a debate over who would win in a fight, gandalf or magneto. it was decided that magneto would beat gandalf the grey, but not gandalf the white. then i talked to examorata about her novel because everyone else was talking about that game i'm bitter about. i'm trying to recover from my bitterness but i realized that i've got an ingrained cringe reaction now that i have a hard time stifling.

anyways, i came home (after jack and i stood around and talked at length with dragonballzzz) and changed my pants because i felt fat (a psychological problem i need to solve) and then we went out to alchemy, which was the thursday night portion of my friday night. alot of people were there, but it seemed like a very low key night and i danced alot despite there being no clear music i liked dancing to. on the way home i did not get in another accident, thank god, but i saw the aftermath of two different ones on 295 that looked like some of the worst accidents i have seen in a long time. it scared me hella bad. went to sleep way earlier than i should have and now facing getting shit done around the house. so much to do, so little motivation.
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