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a million notes on my notepad

Why the heck is getting something framed so expensive? I really don't get it. I think I need to practice mounting things and cutting mats and then just purchasing frames that are approximately the right size because getting things framed is ridiculously expensive. Of course, who knows how expensive doing it myself, and RIGHT, might turn out to be.

This person at work. He makes me crazy. He always asks non-specific questions, and then when asked to make things more specific, gives completely useless answers. Typically the conversation goes:

Him: Any news on the ticket?
Me: Which ticket?
Him: The ticket for the outage! (all our tickets are for outages.)
Me: Which ticket for which outage?
Him: The one we're working on!? (we're usually working on several tickets.)
Me: ... you mean, the (insert specific ticket here) issue?
Him: Yes! Where are we on that!!
Me: Everything's cool, we paged the (blah) and fixed the (blah).
Him: Did you talk to (totally unrelated person who has nothing to do with it)???
Me: Uh... no?

It drives me MAD. Particularly since if he knows which mysterious thing he's talking about he can just look at it in the database. These conversations can go on forever. At least Lazy McWhinerson isn't here tonight, he called in sick. I was, in fact, the only person from our shift that was vaguely on time, again. The problem with coming in on time is that the rest of my coworkers end up depending on the fact that I come in on time and consequently think it's okay to come in really late because, gee, Kim has it covered.

Today we had the knitters over for knitting and, well, admittedly, television watching. Most of it's schlock but you have to watch something while knitting and I guess schlock is OK. Although after reading thezerosystem's recent post I'm thinking it might be nice to track down some of the interesting sociology/gender relations videos they use to, well, teach gender relations. I remember watching "Dreamworlds" when I was in college, and apparently they have updated it. It would be really interesting to see that. Since then, work has been pretty busy and that's about it. There's a new policy that makes it so we have to constantly page the Ops/Eng group, and I am happy to say that tonight's oncall guy has been really really nice about it.

I'm hoping I can convince tzel to come to Alchemy tomorrow night, not that I feel like going exactly, it's more that I don't feel like not going. The rest of the weekend will be spent in fixing stuff up in the apartment, celebrating cheetahmaster's birthday, and then uh... going back to work. This morning SPCA and MVA. When will I sleep exactly, I'm not sure. But I think about it all the time.

Grrr. Manager just asked me to manufacture an update to a report out of thin air. Asstastic. No new information! Nothing to say! He's lucky I'm good at making up bullshit. I'm less good at it when I have like, no inspiration though.
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