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From a missive in my lovely company email today:

This is a direct result of our continued focus on refining our core direct fulfillment distribution channel to serve customers.

If I ever write a romance novel, it's important that I put the phrase core direct fulfillment distribution channel in it somewhere.

Chewing a gummi bear when I got to work tonight, I had this elaborate thought about what it would be like if there were some creature proportionally large to me, grabbing me and sticking me in its mouth and chomping me into pieces. This is because I'm crazy. I also sympathize with lamps and creamers. This reminds me! Ebay! examorata... I'm sorry... I know we don't have any more room in the kitchen... but... I had to...

Tonight I got three nice things: I got my hair dyed by me, I got a Freschetta pizza procured and cooked for me by my generous roommate, and I got 5 cds at the Tower records in Alexandria. I figured out that that one was the closest to "on the way" to work, and I absolutely NEEDED to purchase the Moulin Rouge soundtrack right then and there. Driving south on 395, since I don't travel that way anymore, of course brought back a massive flood of memories of 1998-99. I observed Seminary Towers in all its glory, and remembered the "lesbian embassy", and the parking woes, and the balcony, and taking Nicolas out for a walk on his leash when he was a brand new kitty, and Rob, Rob, Rob, the white pontiac, the bus, the IHOP on Little River Turnpike, dhar-khazan, scarves, the little spaghetti place, stinky sage ritual smudging. Everything sort of goes through my mind in that moment. I have a hard time letting go of the past, it's true.

Anyways, I ended up getting 5 cds because I'm an idiot when I go into a cd store. I did put back several cds that I wanted to buy, including the Anniversary Party Soundtrack because I finally decided that while it had a nifty soundtrack I hated the movie with a burning passion. I also put away some expensive compilation of modern French pop music.

    Moulin Rouge 1: Yay!!! I'm going to listen to "El Tango De Roxanne" 39853856 times.
    Moulin Rouge 2: The "Like a Virgin" cover. Bonus. Although I *really* wish they hadn't fucken forced me to buy two cds to get this stuff.
    The Flaming Lips, Soft Bulletin: I either love it or hate it. I can't tell. It gets so many good reviews it gives it a feeling of being pretentious without even listening to it. One listen, and I am torn.
    Saint Etienne, Foxbase Alpha: It's fun and mellow. Duh. I can see sticking it in the cd player when I want to be really chill.
    Luna, Bewitched: Haven't listened to it yet. They are here on friday so I'm debating going. I have heard approximately three of their songs and liked them.

We're definately into the time of year when I wake up in darkness. Spend most of my time in darkness. I've been feeling that old misery that sets in about 25 minutes after I sit down at my station at work. The misery that says "everything you weren't worried about a half hour ago? well, nobody likes you, and you've done ten irresponsible things today. think on that for 8 hours. alone. in the dark. HAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!". That misery. This week I waffle towards the "hating overnights" end of the spectrum. Sigh. The only thing that saved me is that once again, Jack is so imperturbable that when I called him to dump this on him, he was again not perturbed and with the fewest words made the most sense. I, on the other hand, was using the most words and making the least sense. Again. Everyone who's ever loved me has had to put up with it. Grr! But at least I can say that prior to calling him I was all radiohead - creep and now I'm all u2 - beautiful day. Of course none of this solves the fact that tomorrow I will also wake up in pitch darkness! Pfeh!
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