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rainy night in metro dc

indeed, tonight i went to see bowling for columbine, and lo, i did enjoy it. yes, i recognize its faults, but i enjoyed it despite them. i love michael moore and i love what he does. sometimes his tactics frustrate me, but i allow it because of his agenda. ah, how one-sided and unfair i can be!! c'est terrible!

driving to and from the theater made me realize that i'm an incredibly panicky driver now. it was raining like the dickens and my jaw was totally clenched the whole time, as well as all the way to work. i need to stop this because i need to be able to get places. although i may start making my plans accomodate taking the metro to work when it is raining... but i don't want to be a wuss. but i also don't want to have a heart attack at age 30.

now i'm at work, coworker number one called in sick, and things are proceeding at a normal pace. i have very little energy but i do have enough to get the job done. unfortunately i need to go to the bank, the car inspecting man, and the MVA tomorrow. i do look forward to seeing carl's (my mechanic's) face when he sees aspire numero three.

for some reason i find myself wanting to listen to the moulin rouge soundtrack. specifically the part ewan mcgregor sings during the cover of roxanne.

update: i probably feel so weak because a basket of curly cheese fries IS NOT DINNER! duh!!!
also: i am currently wearing my new ll bean sweater for the second time this week. i wish i could wear it every day but i think people would look at me weird.
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